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Study Abroad Scholarships: Funding Your International Education


Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience that broadens your horizons & enriches your future prospects. However, it can also be a costly venture that requires significant financial investment. Fortunately, there is a range of study abroad scholarships available to support your international education dream.

Study Abroad Scholarships - Funding Your International Education
Study Abroad Scholarships

Types of Study Abroad Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities for international students can be divided into several types.  Each category has its unique criteria, making it essential to understand them before applying.

Merit-Based Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence, demonstrated through high GPA, standardised test scores, & outstanding achievements.

Need-Based Scholarships

These scholarships consider the financial needs of students, taking into account factors such as family income, assets, & expenses.

Diversity Scholarships

Designed to promote inclusivity, these scholarships support underrepresented groups, including ethnic minorities, women in STEM, & individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Destination-Based Scholarships

These scholarships are offered by specific countries or universities to attract international students, fostering cultural exchange and global collaboration.

Subject-Specific Scholarships

These scholarships support students in specific academic fields or disciplines like engineering, medicine, arts, etc., providing financial aid for their studies.


Study Abroad Scholarships - Funding Your International Education
Funding Your International Education

Where to Find Study Abroad Scholarships

Finding study abroad scholarships is not an easy task, but there are several resources to help you:

  • University & College Scholarship Offices

  • Government Scholarship Programs

  • Private Scholarships & Foundations

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Online Scholarship Databases

Additionally, you can make this process easier by consulting with BitTRACK. Our team of experts has access to a comprehensive list of scholarships available & can assist you in finding the one that best suits your needs.


Proven Strategies for Better Scholarship Success Rate

  • Meet all application requirements on time to demonstrate your commitment.

  • Write compelling essays & gather strong recommendation letters

  • Develop a well-rounded profile through extracurricular & volunteer activities.

  • Highlight your accomplishments & emphasize how they align with the scholarship's objectives

  • Demonstrate financial need by providing accurate & detailed information about your financial circumstances.


Study Abroad Scholarships - Funding Your International Education
Study Abroad Scholarships - Funding Your International Education

Alternative Ways to Fund Your Study Abroad Experience


Similar to scholarships, grants provide financial assistance without the obligation of repayment. They are typically awarded based on specific criteria, such as research projects, community service, or underrepresented groups.

Work-Study Programs

Some universities offer work-study programs that allow students to work on campus or in related fields to offset their educational expenses.

Crowdfunding & Sponsorship

Utilize crowdfunding platforms like Ketto, ImpactGuru, GoFundMe, etc. & seek sponsorship opportunities from community organizations & professional networks to gather financial support. 



Start planning your study abroad adventure early, especially when it comes to scholarships. Many scholarships have strict deadlines, & starting early will allow you to do thorough research, get in touch with scholarship providers, & apply for as many scholarships as possible. Begin your scholarship application journey today with BitTRACK!


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