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Australia Aerial View

Reasons for selecting Australia.

Research Intensive Country Having Strong R&D Capabilities

Australia has strong R&D capabilities, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation based in Australia (CSIRO) is considered as one of the largest and most diverse research institutions in the world. More than 50,000 people associated with higher education are involved in research activities and CSIRO is involved in research in areas as diverse as environment, health, IT, space, agribusiness, etc. 


It is a research-intensive country and has a proud history of world-class research & and development leading to path-breaking innovations and discoveries like penicillin in 1945, the invention of Wi-Fi, and the “black-box” which is an integral part of every airplane in the world. Many students who have studied in Australia have won Oscar Awards and Nobel prizes for their work. 


Australia has 35 Special Research Centers and Key Centers Of Teaching and Research at different Australian universities and an additional 63 Co-op Research Centers are set up to promote joint research between academia and industry.


Highest Minimum Wage and Lowest Unemployment

Australia has the highest minimum wage rate in the world – compared to all other developed nations & lowest unemployment rate.  No wonder, Australia is considered an ideal destination to study, live and work.

Cost of Living (Per Month)

AUD 1200 - AUD 3000

Part-Time Jobs
(Maximum Hours)

40 Hours per week

Full time in vacations

Work Visa

Upto 5 Years

Popular Programs in Australia.

Study in the Top Institutes of Australia.

Explore all Affiliated Institutes.

UWA College
La Trobe University Sydney Campus
Western Sydney University Sydney City Campus
UTS College - University Technology Sydney
UTS India - GLS University
University of Tasmania (Hobart,Launceston Campus)
University of Canberra - Sydney Hills Campus
Sydney Hills
ACAP - Australian College of Applied Professions - Adelaide | Brisbane | Byron Bay | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney Campuses
Adelaide | Brisbane | Byron Bay | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney
SAE Institute - Adelaide | Brisbane | Byron Bay | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney Campuses
Adelaide | Brisbane | Byron Bay | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney
Federation University - Sydney & Melbourne
Sydney & Melbourne
Western Sydney University - Melbourne Campus
RMIT University (Australia)
Southern Cross University (Campuses:Lismore, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour)
Lismore, Gold Coast, Coffs Harbour
Southern Cross University (Campuses:Melbourne, Sydney, Perth)
Melbourne, Sydney, Perth
Swinburne University of Technology , Melbourne
University of the Sunshine Coast
Sunshine Coast
Victoria University , Sydney,Brisbane
Sydney & Brisbane
University of Newcastle
University of Western Australia College (UWA) leading to The University of Western Australia
Curtin College - Curtin University
Deakin College - Deakin University, Geelong | Melbourne Campuses -
Geelong | Melbourne
Edith Cowan College - Edith Cowan University
Eynesbury College - The University of Adelaide
Eynesbury College - The University of South Australia
Griffith College - Griffith University, Brisbane | Gold Coast Campuses
Brisbane | Gold Coast
La Trobe College Australia (Melbourne) - La Trobe University
South Australian Institute Of Business & Technology - (SAIBT) The University of South Australia
Sydney Institute Of Business And Technology (SIBT) - Western Sydney University
University Of Canberra College - University of Canberra
Western Sydney University International College - Western Sydney University
Charles Sturt University Sydney
CIC Higher Education
IIBIT Federation University
Melbourne / Sydney
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