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Reasons for selecting Dubai.

Full-Time Work, Part-Time Study: Only in Dubai

Dubai stands out as a unique destination where students can balance full-time work opportunities alongside their part-time studies.


World-Class Education Hub: Reputable Universities Await

Home to renowned universities and educational institutions, Dubai offers top-notch education with globally recognized degrees, setting you on the path to success.


Cutting-Edge Campuses: Where Innovation Meets Learning

Immerse yourself in state-of-the-art campuses and facilities equipped with advanced technologies, creating an ideal atmosphere for a transformative learning experience.


Gateway to Career Success: Dive into Dubai’s Thriving Economy

Tap into Dubai's thriving economy with numerous multinational companies and industries, providing abundant internship and job prospects for ambitious graduates.


Safety First: Dubai’s Secure Student Haven

Experience peace of mind in Dubai's safe environment, characterized by low crime rates and strict regulations, ensuring a secure haven for students to focus on their studies.


Investing in Your Future: Scholarships Galore

Explore a plethora of scholarships and financial aid options designed to support international students in realizing their educational dreams in the vibrant city of Dubai.

Cost of Living (Per Month)

AED 3500 - AED 5000

Part-Time Jobs
(Maximum Hours)

20 hours / PG Students can work Full time and Study Part-time.

Work Visa


Popular Programs in Dubai.

Study in the Top Institutes of Dubai.

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