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Transnational Education.


Transnational Education (TNE) at GLS University embodies a dynamic approach to learning, offering students the opportunity to pursue educational programs beyond their home country. With TNE, students experience a blend of international curriculum delivery while enjoying the benefits of immersive learning environments at our campus.

How TNE Differs

TNE distinguishes itself from Distance Learning, Online, or Pre-Sessional courses through its emphasis on hands-on learning experiences and interactive engagement:

  1. Hands-On Learning: Unlike online lectures, TNE students study at a center, immersing themselves in practical learning environments.

  2. Interactive Engagement: Students interact directly with faculty and peers, fostering diverse perspectives and cultural exchange.

  3. Consistency in Methodology: TNE maintains consistency with the teaching and learning methods of international colleges or universities, ensuring a seamless transition for students.

  4. Social Integration: Through TNE, students often form friendships and arrange accommodations together while studying in their home country, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Live Example

An exemplary manifestation of TNE is evident at GLS University, where we have partnered with UTS College, Australia. This collaboration enables students to immerse themselves in the curriculum of UTS College while studying at our campus. Notably, students can save up to INR 40 lakhs and may secure direct entry to the University of Technology Sydney, Australia's top-ranked young university. Additionally, graduates may qualify for a work permit of up to 4 years in Australia, subject to Australian regulations.

Future Endeavors

At GLS University, we are committed to expanding and promoting innovative TNE programs that not only alleviate financial burdens for students but also deliver world-class education with international standards. Visit BitTRACK Foreign Education Consultancy LLP or the International Education Centre at GLS University to explore our TNE offerings and embark on a transformative educational journey.

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