Study in North Cyprus

About North Cyprus

There are several reasons why Northern Cyprus is a great choice if you want to study abroad for your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.


Why Study in North Cyprus

1.  A Unique blend of cultural influences

Because of its geographical location, the people of Northern Cyprus enjoy a variety of artistic, musical, and culinary influences that shape the culture around them.

If you decide to study in Northern Cyprus, you will find a lovely blend of Turkish folk music alongside local Greek Cypriot traditions.

With its fascinating historical and economic development, you can learn a lot from just being present in a place with a unique social and political structure. If you are a student pursuing a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Northern Cyprus, you won’t just learn inside the classroom; the environment around you will be your best exposure to the world, giving you new insights about cultural and national history, change, and, sometimes, conflict.

2.  A perfect place to make friends

There are more than 40,000 students studying in Northern Cyprus. This fact allows the country to have a very unique multicultural atmosphere.

When you go to Northern Cyprus you will meet people from all around the world. Thus, you get to know not only Cypriot culture, but many others at the same time.

Part of their consideration for international students comes from the many education and sports awards and scholarships for international students.

3.  The Tuition Fees in Northern Cyprus are super cheap

Not only are the tuition fees affordable; but so are the living expenses. Estimated average living expenses for international students are around 435 – 760 EUR per month.

With over 300 days of sunshine a good use of solar energy are built into the Northern Cyprus environment. Solar panels that provide free source of energy ensure that electricity costs are extremely low, even during the winter season.

4.  You won’t miss the Indian Weather

With its warm, dry summers and mild winters, Northern Cyprus is a pleasant spot to land, for what will feel like a year-round vacation. To prepare for such weather, you can leave your heavy winter coats behind, and swap them for jackets just to keep wind and rain out. You will need an extra layer for evenings; but a good hot Turkish coffee will be enough to warm you up!

At the foot of Karpaz lies the Golden beach – one of the ten longest beaches in the world. It stretches for more than 5 miles along the East Coast. Golden Beach has magnificent sand and you can even see turtles nursing their offspring around the shore. Other Beaches such as Guzelyurt and Kyrenia Beaches all have unique specialties. Acapulco beach for example is known as the most suitable beach for professional water sports.

Colleges & Institutes

No. University name Country State / City
1 Girne American University Cyprus Northern Cyprus
2 Internapa Cyprus South East Cyprus
3 Eastern Mediterranean University Cyprus North Cyprus
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