Student Exchange

Student Exchange Programmes

We have been instrumental in forging tie-ups between Indian and Foreign Education Institutes for a variety of bi-lateral short-term programmes viz.

  • 2-3 weeks Immersion and Exposure trips
  • 6-8 weeks/1-2 semesters and 1-2 years Exchange programmes for students
  • Dual Degree Qualification Programmes

Our efforts have resulted in successful execution of student exchange programmes between reputable institutions in India and in countries such as Poland, Canada, USA and UK

2-3 weeks Immersion and Exposure trips

As part of this program students from Indian institutes (tertiary level) are sent to our partner institutes abroad for a mix of educational and recreational activities giving them a chance to experience the on-campus life and the country first-hand. During these trips students get a chance to learn specific modules at the university and also attend other classes as observers. They are also taken on industrial visits as well as for excursions and sight-seeing activities. Such trips are especially beneficial for students who are unsure about the destination of their higher studies. This experience allows them to firm up their decision either way.


Dual Degree Programmes

This is a very popular program wherein students who have completed  2nd year of Bachelors degree program at our partner Indian Institutes receive direct entry into the second year of Advanced Diploma program at our partner institutes abroad. Besides saving 1 year and thousands of dollars in fees, students are also benefitted with receiving a Bachelors Degree from the Indian Institute as well as an Advanced Diploma qualification from the foreign Institute. In the third and final year of Advanced Diploma program students also get a chance to do internship.

6-8 weeks/1-2 semesters and 1-2 years Exchange programmes for students

This programme which has been going on since past several years allows students studying at our partner Indian institutes to study for various time durations at our partner institutes abroad. The students are able to learn in a cutting-edge environment with superior infrastructure and resources including distinguished faculties and laboratories and libraries. Students are evaluated for their performance at the foreign institution and so they neither need to learn the same subjects back home nor appear for the exams in India. Along with studies, students are able to travel to nearby countries on weekends and thus make the most of this trip in terms of studies and recreation.