Summer School

For teenagers who have stayed close to home, summer study and travel to foreign countries is always eye opening. Often, these experiences are life changing. Yet only a handful of high school students in India are able to participate in this elevating experience.

On popular demand from schools, we offer programmes for school children (aged between 14 and 18 years) that allows them to experience student life at a foreign university for a brief period of 1 or 2 weeks.

A Two Week programme designed to prepare Secondary & High School students for entry into higher education learning. The programme is an all-inclusive package that will make student’s holidays more rewarding with a combination of learning and fun activities. It is packed with Quality and well-structured course curriculum and exciting activities and excursions in UK and USA. Every year 27000 students from different parts of the world attends this program at 36 different Campuses.

Popular Destination for International Summer School


  • Rider University-New York
  • Barry University – Miami


  • Greenwich University- London
  • University of Kent- Canterbury

Why attend Summer School Programmes Offered by BitTRACK and Plus International

  1.   Travel to an international destination and learn new skills
  2.   Improve Command on English Language
  3.   Learn Entrepreneurial Skills
  4.   Learn Different Test Taking Techniques
  5.   Learn Researching, Summarising and Presentation Skills
  6.   Learn Marketing, Analysing and Debating Skills
  1.   Prepare for International University Applications and Entrance Exams
  2.   Have Fun – Enjoy Dance, Disco, Karoke Night, Movies, Treasure Hunts, Talent Nights
  3.   Combine fitness with fun – learn a new Sport – Tennis, Basketball, Football etc
  4.   Become a Tourist – Go on excursions, explore the city and its surroundings
  5.   Experience a different culture, make new friends, try out new cuisines

Programme Outline

Learn Entrepreneurship Skills through Young Enterprise Project

  • Introducing new product/service in the market
  • Managing Business Finances
  • Branding and Advertising
  • Preparing presentations & presenting before audiences
  • Visit to Industrial Establishments

Learn techniques for improved performance in studies

  • Preparing for Competitive Exams like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE
  • Giving exams smartly without taking stress
  • Effective note taking skills during lectures
  • Writing impressive essays
  • Better time management & listening skills

Learn Academic Research Techniques

  • Participating in Group Discussions
  • Doing research through Newspapers, Magazines, Websites, TV Clips
  • Interviewing people for your research – what to ask, how to ask
  • Summarising and Evaluating Research Findings

Benefits of attending International Summer School

Develop academic skills

The summer school environment, with its intensive tuition and small study groups, is geared towards helping students develop valuable academic skills that are vital for university success. This could be anything from being able to engage in academic arguments and debates, right down to practical skills such as essay writing and exam taking technique.

Unique educational environment

A summer school offers a very special educational environment; one that allows students’ scholarly sides to flourish. In a summer school, you’re in an academic bubble away from normal school deadlines, and you’re surrounded by other people who are just as interested in learning as you are .

Demonstrating your enthusiasm

Attending a summer school is a great way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for a subject to the universities you intend to apply for. Not only will it look good on your university application if you’ve attended a summer school ,but you’ll also be better prepared to write an interesting personal statement, with insightful comments about your experience. A summer school can also help equip you with the skills and knowledge you need in order to shine at interview.

A stronger CV

You can put on your CV that you’ve attended an academic summer school, listing some of the skills it taught you, as well as how it helped you perform better academically.

Access to better universities

Because of the knowledge and skills you’ll pick up on your summer school, and the valuable preparation it can offer for university, you’ll potentially have access to better universities, with better grades and a stronger application with which to apply to the top ones. This has a direct impact on your CV, as being able to put a very well-respected university on your CV will create a favourable impression with a potential employer.

Transferable skills

Summer schools help develop transferable skills – that is, skills that can be usefully employed in different environments, such as the workplace. An example of a transferable skill might be what’s commonly known as ‘people’ skills, or the ability to interact well with other people. This is a vital life skill and particularly important in a job setting. Other examples of transferable skills might be time management, organisation and written English skills – all things you’ll need and improve on a summer school.

An edge over your peers

With so much competition for university places and then jobs, it can be difficult to make your CV stand out from the crowd. Attending a summer school adds a valuable extra string to your bow, with many benefits you can talk about in your university or job application. In a marketplace in which universities or employers may see dozens of applications from similarly qualified applicants, your attendance at a summer school could mean the difference between a successful application and an unsuccessful one, simply because it differentiates you with added skills and experience.

Make new friends

Summer Camps enable you to make lots of new friends. The small tuition groups and residential nature of a summer school allow you to get to know your fellow students both in the classroom and outside it, and many students find they form firm friendships with their coursemates. What’s more, summer schools are often attended by students from all over the world, resulting in a cosmopolitan environment and friendships formed with people of many nationalities.

Develop social skills

Summer schools typically offer tuition in small groups, a setting in which even the more shy students are able to speak out and offer their ideas and opinions to a group discussion. Mixing with peers from all walks of life and multiple nationalities, you’ll learn to interact with people from different backgrounds, and you’ll develop confidence just from being away from home in a new country.

Explore new places

Summer schools generally offer a range of recreational activities to help students unwind after studying hard, and typically this will include the chance to see the sights of the local area or even further afield. For students from overseas, a summer school is a fantastic opportunity to combine academic studying with the chance to be a tourist in a foreign country, in the process learning about its culture and gaining valuable life experience.