For Universities

Why consider BitTRACK Consultants as your recruitment partner?

BitTrack represents over 200 reputed Government-funded as well Private Accredited Universities and Colleges in countries like U.K., USA, Australia, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Singapore and many countries in Europe and Asia.

Besides providing overseas career counseling for Undergraduate and Post Graduate programs, BitTRACK Consultants also facilitates and executes collaborations between Indian and Foreign Institutions for various mutually beneficial activities like Summer exchange programs, International Immersion Programs etc.


Our Strength

State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Our office is well equipped with latest equipments and gadgets – computers and laptops, scanners, printers, internet facilities, cell phones thus enabling our staff to work efficiently.

Due Diligence

To minimize incidents of fraud applicants with fake academic and financial documents, we follow stringent steps to ensure authenticity checks by verifying all documents with the issuing authorities before sending applications to the institutes.

Resource Center for Quality Applications

The Company acts as a Resource Center for generating quality applications from the whole of India and few other countries, thus not limiting its market to a particular city or state.
This feature immensely benefits institutions that we represent as our set up and working style allows them to tap whole of India, through a single office thereby reducing their cost of marketing and operations.

Well Designed Premises

Our office is located in most prime business areas of Ahmedabad. The fully computerzied office encompasses counselling chambers, a library, presentation room as well as testing and assessment area. The aesthetically designed interiors provide an environment conducive to counselling, seminars, presentations and workshops.

Links with Schools,Colleges & Universities

Our Junior Summer School and Student / Faculty Exchange and International Immersion Programs require us to be in regular contact with the schools and colleges across the state. Thus, whenever any delegation from the institutes we represent, visits us, we are able to arrange guest lectures, seminars, workshops, counselling sessions for them in these institutions.

Regular Training and Development of Staff

We invite delegates from the education institutes that we represent to provide product training to our staff. Additionally, all the mailers received from any institute are circulated within the entire team with strict instructions to read and register the mail contents. Once in a quarter, we also organize country-wise training for our staff members in which important features of each institute and country, changes in visa regulations etc are summarized for the staff for ease of understanding and recall.

Services we offer to the institutes

End-to-end support and advise in promoting their institute in our market :

  • Accurate advise on advertising in mass media – Newspapers, FM
  • Participation in high-profile exhibitions where there is scope for the institute to recruit more students
  • Meetings with institutes interested in collaborating for Student Exchange, International Immersion Programs etc.
  • Spot Assessment Sessions at our premises or at other venues
  • Agents Training Workshops to promote the institutes further
  • Providing all nature of support requested by the institutes

Methods deployed to promote our services to students

End-to-end support and advise in promoting their institute in our market :

  • Digital Marketing of our services via our website and social media
  • Purchasing leads from leading education portals
  • Participation in Education Fairs and Exhibitions
  • Conducting Seminars and Spot Assessment
  • Sessions for the students
  • Conducting Seminars in Schools and Colleges
  • Advertising in popular media like newspapers, FM
  • Sending out Mailers & Text Messages
  • Tele Calling