The scoring of the Duolingo test is done between 0 and 160, for all individual modules (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) as well as overall. Apart from these main modules, the Duolingo exam results also have subscores in Literacy (The test taker’s ability to read and write), Comprehension (The test taker’s ability to read and listen), Conversation (The test taker’s ability to listen and speak) and Production (The test taker’s ability to write and speak). Some institutions, on occasion, ask for certain score thresholds on these subscores as well.

Exam Format

The exam format for Duolingo is quite unique. The test duration is 60 minutes. It asks test takers various question types such as Fill in the Blanks, Correct Word Identification, Essay Writing, and Cue Cards among others. There is no bifurcation of questions into different modules such as Listening, Reading, Writing or Speaking. Although the questions asked do not specify which aspect of communication they are testing, the final scores are represented in the four primary communication modules, as the questions may be testing more than one aspect at the same time. Since this is a computer test, all question types are timed and need to be completed before the timer expires.

Exam Fees

The test fees for Duolingo is US$49.

Score Validity

Your test results are valid up to 2 years from the date of the test.

BitTRACK Course Duration

The training program for Duolingo at BitTRACK Foreign Education and Visa Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is 10 lectures.